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Jane Hollister Wheelwright (1905-2004) and her husband Joseph Balch Wheelwright (1906-1999) were Jungian Analysts who studied with C.G. Jung and Toni Wolff in Zurich during the 1930’s and practiced in San Francisco beginning in 1941. They were among the founders of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, and Joseph served as president of the International Association of Jungian Psychologists. They were major figures in the dissemination of Jung’s ideas in America. Jane’s practice and work focused on the connection between wilderness and psyche and also the psychological processes of death. Joseph taught psychiatry at the UC SF Medical Center for over 30 years, which became a leading psychiatric training institute in the nation. In later years, they spent much time living on land that had been part of the Hollister Ranch, located west of Santa Barbara, where Jane had grown up.


"Pioneer Lady," by Starshine Roshell in Santa Barbara Magazine, Fall 2011

Local journalist, Starshine Roshell, writes, "Known for being curiously fearless and wise, passionate and plainspoken, author, feminist, and stewardess of the land Jane Hollister Wheelwright literally walked softly but carried a big stick." For a poignant and illuminating look into Jane's legacy, with lovely photos of family and the beloved Hollister Ranch, click here to read the full article published in Santa Barbara Magazine.



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